International School Ikast-Brande
2018-2019 News

25 June 2019

Today we had our End of Year Celebration where all year groups' hard work and diligence over the past academic year was celebrated. Congratulations to the whole ISIB community!


12 June 2019

IG1 went to Djurs Sommerland today as a homeroom trip. 

A thrilling time was had by all. Many thanks to Mr Mate for organising such a fun event!


07 June 2019

Today we acknowledged our incredible Year 11 - 10. Årgang End of Year Celebration. 

We wish our learners all the very best in their future endeavours. 

29 May 2019

We held our annual ISIB Sports Day today and we had an incredible day of fun and games. 

A huge thanks to Mr Mate for organising a fantastic event for us all. 


23 May 2019

We had the pleasure of celebrating our 10 Year Anniversary today with some familiar faces from the past and present.

Many thanks to everyone for the wonderful memories over the past ten years. 


06 May 2019

ISIB would like to wish everyone in our community a happy Ramadan. 

A prayer room has been set up in the school to ensure our learners who are observing Ramadan have a place to pray, relax and reflect.


09 April 2019

Last week, SFO went out around the school and collected rubbish.

We were shocked to find so much around near our school. 

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

05 April 2019

IG1 delivered their IGCSE Global Perspectives Team Projects today in Hjertet. Well done to all involved in presenting topical issues. Great work!

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

29 March 2019

IG2 delivered their assembly on Recycling, and had the whole of Secondary chanting "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!".


14 March 2019

Year 2, 3 and 4 were lucky enough to go on a school trip to Lego House, which was organised by the Parent Classroom Representatives. A great time was had by all and we am sure many of your children will be asking to visit Lego House again.


15 March 2019

This week's "Theme of the Week" was 'St. Patrick's Day'. Year 7 in Secondary and Year 4 in Primary both did an assembly on this theme. A great time was had by all!

Some spoke about why people in Ireland and across the world celebrate St. Patrick's Day, while others spoke about the significant changes that have taken place in Ireland over the past 100 years.


04 March 2019

As we ran out of time in Assembly on Friday, IG1 delivered their presentation on last week's "Theme of the Week" on 'Attendance'.

Students explained the importance of Attendance and how it helps us throughout our education and lives.

Great work IG1! 


01 & 04 March 2019

IG2 students shared their Global Perspectives Team Projects in Secondary Assembly and Monday Morning Assembly. Our learners presented the following Team Projects as part of their IGCSE Global Perspectives course:

  • ​To spread awareness of the gender payment gap and inequality in the workplace.

  • To raise awareness about intolerance in Denmark.

  • To spread awareness to the public about the global crisis of rising sea levels.

  • To raise awareness about the impact Fair Trade has in today’s world.

  • To develop a solution to decrease the levels of plastic in the ocean.

  • To raise awareness about the consequences Corporal Punishment has on children.

Well done, IG2 on some great outcomes and great collaboration!

February 2019 - Ski Trip

This year we went to Zell am See, Austria and we spent four amazing skiing days there. Mr Butters and Ms Grønbech joined our wonderful Mr Mate this year, along with students from Year 6 through to Year 11.


Based on their ski level, Mr Mate grouped the students - Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Our kids also got the chance to work with three professional instructors who took care of them during their skiing adventure. All groups had lots of fun and thoroughly enjoyed the trip. Beginners learned how to control their body when skiing, and by the end of the week they managed 'The Black Slope,' the most difficult one! Mr Mate is very proud of them. 

The Intermediate and the Advanced team were improving their skills in a variety of other ways. They were focusing on Carving Techniques. They also had some monitored free ride experience as well.

Marvin even got to join in in the fun! Have a look at the video documenting his trip!


Thanks to students and teachers who were involved, and here’s hoping we get to hit the slopes again next year!

22 February 2019
IG2 delivered an assembly about Fair Trade. Secondary was given a range of facts and details about Fair Trade, and we were also treated to an interesting role-play by some of the students!
Well done, IG2!
01 February 2019
Happy Staff Appreciation Day!
Today we celebrated Staff Appreciation Day. Students, the Parents' Circle and the Team Leaders organised some wonderful events to show gratitude and thanks to the staff at ISIB. Primary classrooms had themed parties and Secondary had a very funny video to show in assembly, followed by parties. Many thanks to everyone who helped out and organised the events.
30 January 2019
While ISIB students went on the Ski Trip, Years 5 and 6 did a project which was “King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.”  We looked at the stories behind the legend, we designed coats of arms and knights and we prepared and ate a banquet.  Did you know, in Arthurian legend and medieval times, green vegetables were animal food, so we avoided them!  We prepared roast chicken with roasted vegetables, bread rolls or jacket potatoes and made bread and butter pudding.  It was delicious.  Oh, and we ate with our fingers!
25 January 2019
Secondary students visited Randers Regnskov today for their Global Perspectives project.
Our guide, Julie Søby, spoke to us about the importance of rain forests, sustainability and biodiversity. 
A great day was enjoyed by all! Well done, Secondary!
25 January 2019
Tonight, ISIB was featured on Fast Arbejde on TV MIDTVEST. The programme shows the school, the working environment, and the diversity of the student and teaching bodies. Well done to all involved!
25 January 2019
Year 11 were paying respect to Holocaust Memorial Day, today. 
Some of our students spoke about why we hold a memorial day, genocide and other related topics.
07 December 2018
We decorated our tree today with our "Wishes for the World".
Well done to the whole team and to IG2 on their Fundraiser. 
03 December 2018
ISIB held our first Career's Fair. Learners got the chance to meet with the UU Vejleder (Career Guidance Counsellor) and representatives from IB and STX.
We also had some parents join us from a variety of companies and careers such as Joha, LEGO, Clipper and a Free Lance Designer.
Our learners also had the opportunity to meet with past pupils and get to know a more about their experience after ISIB. 
A heartfelt thank you to Ms Nadesalingam and Mrs Bøgh for organising a great event and an excellent opportunity for our learners. 
30 November 2018
Year 7's assembly today was based on Stress Awareness. All of Secondary was involved in some freeze framing and some discussion regarding the topic. 
Well done, Year 7!
24 November 2018
A big thank you to all parents that participated in the Parents' Night. The whole event was delightful! From the delicious and amazing food that everyone brought, the fun and laugh during the games, music and the good company.
Thank you again to the parents for your support and participation.
Also, thank you to the school and the staff for the support and help. 
23 November 2018
Today, Year 8 presented a great Assembly on Climate Change.
Well done, Year 8 on informing Secondary about a very important topic!
22 November 2018
We celebrated our annual Science Fair at ISIB today! We saw a variety of wonderful experiments throughout the fair. 
Well done to all our young scientists! 
19 November 2018
Today, Year 7 presented their Science Presentations to their class members.
Well done Year 7 on some wonderful presentations!
19 November 2018
This morning we welcomed back IG2 from their week of Work Experience.
Welcome back all!
15 November 2018
IG1 English as a Second Language were acting out some of the key events in 'An Inspector Calls' by J.B. Priestley today.
Below is a sample of their Freeze Frames from class.
14 November 2018
Year 11 visited the Innovatorium Herning today and had the opportunity to speak to Gulle J. Rasmusen, and network with entrepreneurs and innovators in an authentic work environment. The Innovatorium is a pulsating environment that incubates talented people and start-up businesses. 
We also had the opportunity to speak with Jan Kvist Martinsen from 'Business Factory' which is associated with Århus University. 'Business Factory' is a knowledge centre under the Department of Business Development and Technology and is known for contributing to the promotion of innovation, entrepreneurship and independence in central and western Jutland.
To round off the trip, we also met with Ole Overgaard from 'Wildskab' which is a start-up hub for entrepreneurs to develop and further their ideas. 
ISIB would like to thank everyone involved for giving our young entrepreneurs such an insightful experience, and showing us the wonderful entrepreneurial opportunities there are to avail of in Midtjylland.  
06 - 09 November 2018
Y1 and Y2 had a great trip to Ikast Biograf where we saw "Den utrolige historie om den kæmpestore pære". It was part of the project "Med skolen i biografen". We joined up with many other children from other local schools. That concludes the cinema trips this year where all pupils from Y1 - IG2 have joined in. A big thanks to all.
09 November 2018
Today, IG2 students told the story of Diwali through Drama. 
Well done, IG2, on a splendid performance!
09 November 2018
Today, students voted for the Student Representative Council. 
Huge congratulations to Dhyan, Sophia, Neeharika, Alvind, Jonas, Suzanne, Daniel, Shreedarshani, Julie, Simon, Martin and Line, who were elected to the Student Representative Council. 
Many thanks to our Student Representative Council Support Teachers - Ms Nadesalingam and Ms Casey, for their hard work and on initiating a great new programme at ISIB. 
31 October 2018
Happy Hallowe'en! 
We celebrated Hallowe'en today throughout the school.
The Parents' Circle prepared a wonderful day filled with games and ghouls!
A huge thank you to all who participated and made it a great day for our kids.
25 October 2018
Today, we celebrated Mr Passo's birthday in Hjertet.
We wished him all the best and a great birthday!
12 October 2018
Year 5 participated in some Self-Defense lessons today, with some demonstrations given by the students. Fantastic work, Year 5. 
12 October 2018
Year 7 have been working on the Ancient Civilizations within History, and in particular, The Vikings. Great skills shown, Year 7! Well done!

12 October 2018
Today, ISIB celebrated National Sports Day and the importance of leading a healthy life. The whole school participated in a run and events took place throughout the day. Well done, Mr. Máté on another great event.

02 October 2018
Year 5 have been studying "The Way We See Things" and were inquisitive as to how rainbows are formed. Our art project was inspired by rainbows and the weather. 

Rainbow painting.jpg
29 September 2018
Today, ISIB held our annual International Cultures Day - Open House, celebrating the diversity within our school and our community. Countries that were represented at our Open House included: India, China, Turkey, Australia, Mexico, Denmark, Spain, Ireland, U.K., Ukraine, South Korea, Chile and Portugal. Many thanks to all who came to visit and all who participated in making this a wonderful day. 

18 - 20 September 2018 

IG1 und IG2 waren neulich im Kino in Ikast und haben den deutschen Kinofilm ‘Tschick’ gesehen.

Es ging um zwei junge Außenseiter aus Berlin und ihren Ausflug ins Ungewisse. Die meisten Schüler fanden den Film interessant und unterhaltsam. Noah (IG1) bezeichnete den Film als ausgezeichnet aber Maria (IG1) fand den Film ein bisschen langweilig. Der Film hat allen Lehrern sehr gut gefallen!

We had some great trips to Ikast cinema. This was part of the national project Med skolen i biografen, where we joined other schools from the local area. The project was organized by Det danske filminstitut, who also provided teaching material for the classroom. Y3 & Y4 saw Nabospionen, Y5 & Y6 saw Billy Elliot and IG1 & IG2 & Y11 saw Farvel, Berlin. A good time was had by us all.  

20 September 2018 
Today, Year 5 and Year 6 organised a bake sale for the whole school. All funds will go towards future Primary Trips. Well done Year 5 and Year 6.
06 September 2018 
Today, Year 7, Year 8 and IG1 went to PlayTime in Ulfborg. IG2 and Year 11 visited Århus for the day. We all came together at ISIB for a night filled with fun, laughter and dancing. Many thanks to Year 8 for organising an excellent night!