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24 June 2020
Today we said goodbye to our wonderful students for the summer! We are so thrilled with their hard work this year. We wish all students a fantastic summer and 'vi ses' to those who are moving on to a new adventure. 
Happy Summer!
16 June 2020
Some of our Secondary students participated in a video reflection of their time during distance learning due to COVID-19. We praise our students for their great diligence throughout this unique time. Well done!
03 June 2020
Year 2 have been learning about methods of communication in their IPC lessons. Today they learnt how to communicate if they or a friend could not hear. They spent the afternoon exploring and learning about the British Sign Language alphabet, they even tried finger spelling. Everyone learnt something new today and had great fun trying out a new skill.
26 May 2020
Year 7 and Year 8 have been working on "Poetry Throughout the Ages" in English class. They have been commenting on, comparing and analysing Early English Poetry through to Contemporary Poetry, all the while observing social distancing. Great work Years 7 and 8!
23 April 2020
ISIB would like to wish all members of our community who are celebrating Ramadan a safe, reflective and peaceful celebration. 
Ramadan Mubarak!
17 April 2020

Year 2 have had a busy couple of days back at school this week. They spent Thursday’s exploring their new outdoor classroom, learning about living and non-living objects around them. As well as creating rainbow pictures as a sign of positivity for their classroom door. This then inspired them to write poems about Rainbows, with a hidden message for readers about staying safe. Friday was again action packed with lessons including PE and Spanish, the children were very excited to see Mr Mate and Miss Anglada!

21 February 2020

Today, the Student Representative Council organised a Gala Night for Secondary students. The theme of the night was "James Bond". Students dressed to impress and had a wonderful time dancing, singing, playing games and mingling!

It was a fantastic night. The school would like to thank Ms Laxy and Mr Donnacha for leading the event with the Student Representative Council and for preparing a great night for our students!

31 January 2020

Today we celebrated our annual Staff Appreciation Day. The Student Representative Council prepared a wonderful event for the whole school. Staff were given a crown and some candy along with kind words from the students. 

The school would like to thank all the staff for their continual hard work creating and maintaing our school.  

27 January 2020

On Monday, we left Ikast around 1300 full enthusiasm. We knew that the journey was going to be long and tiring but it was worth the sacrifice! We arrived in Austria the following morning and from that moment onwards, we spent most of our time on the slopes. We were lucky with the weather since the sun was out for the whole week, and we got some fresh snow. Honestly, no one wanted to come home and we can't wait for the next trip.

21 January 2020
Early Years and Years 1 - 3 were treated to some dramas today which were scripted, developed and performed by Year 7 and Year 8 as part of their English class. Both Year 7 and Year 8 have been working on writing for particular audiences; developing characters and voice. In addition, they have been working on how to create effects by employing key linguistic and literary techniques. Our students watched Jacky and the Beanstalk; Goldilocks; Robin Hood; The Ugly Duckling; and Little Red Riding Hood. All students enjoyed some great acting, funny jokes and some interesting costumes!
Well done to all involved!
15 January 2020
This evening, Primary students joined in in a great movie night!
Students were treated to the latest version of 'The Lion King'. All students had a great time with some delicious treats as well. 
18 December 2019
After a wonderful term, ISIB wrapped up the academic year with our annual End of Term Show. Students from Secondary all produced a Lip Sync performance. Year 7 performed to 'Wannabe'; Year 8 did a 'Christmas Medley'; IG1 did a 'Pop Medley' and Y11 did 'I Want It That Way'.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for a great term and for all your support. We would also like to thank the teachers and staff for their continual hard work and care that they give everyday. Lastly, we would like to thank the students for all their diligence! 
Happy Holidays!
17 December 2019
Today we said 'farvel' to our wonderful Head of School - Mr Passo as he leaves the school at the end of term. We had performances from poetry to dancing, raps to video messages. During the evening, the Board held an assembly where we had some speeches reflecting on the brilliance that Mr Passo has brought to the school over his seven years leading our community. 
From the bottom of our hearts - Thank you Mr Passo. 
09 - 13 December 2019
This week, Secondary participated in 'Innovation Week' where our learners had a chance to create and develop their own products or services, and present them to our community. All students did an outstanding job and showed some fantastic entrepreneurial skills throughout the week! Well done!
04 December 2019
Today Early Years and Primary held their annual holiday production. The students from Early Years danced to 'Snowflake'; Years 1 - 3 produced "The Bossy King"; and Years 4 - 6 performed "Little Red Riding Hood." 
A fantastic show was had with great acting, singing and dancing. Well done to all involved in a great show, and thanks to everyone who came to support the students' phenomenal work!
02 December 2019
Today, we decorated our tree to celebrate the beginning of Christmas. Mr Passo spoke about living in such a safe environment. Each student designed a bauble with a wish for the world in 2020. We heard some wishes which were sympathetic, neighbourly and thought-provoking. In addition, the Student Representative Council organised some Æbleskiver for the students. Well done to all involved in such a warm-hearted, reflective event. 
25 November 2019
Year 7 and 8 students went to the Energy Museum in Viborg. It was a very successful trip, which marked the end of the Year 8 students studying renewable and non-renewable energy sources, and leads the Year 7 students into their next module - Energy.
The students had some free time to roam the museum and enjoyed seeing the real life application of the content they studied in class. The highlight of the museum trip was when the students got to experiment with the Van de Graaff generator.
The students were all very well behaved and this made it a very successful trip overall.
25 November 2019
IG1 went to Ikast Brande Gymnasium for ’Going International Day’. The students thoroughly enjoyed it and explored the topic ‘Poverty in the World's Slums’. The pupils were able to learn from different perspectives and participated in lessons including: Maths, English, Business, Science, Language and Sports. At the end of the day, there was a big competition between all the schools and the amazing IG1 student took both first and third place.
19 November 2019
As part of their Science lessons about rocks, Year 2 have been learning about how rocks are formed. Today, they focused on how a sedimentary rock is formed. Using chocolate to help them see how the layers are created. Everyone had a delicious time creating their own chocolate sedimentary rock! Who knew rocks could be so exciting!  
18 November 2019
We had the pleasure of welcoming a guest speaker from CNES (Centre National D'études Spatiales) in Paris. Olga, an aerospace engineer, presented to both Primary and Secondary students her work on the production of rockets and the launching of satellites into Space.
All students and staff thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and the chance to ask questions.
Thank you very much Olga.
08 November 2019
Year 5 are immersing themselves in their new IPC topic ’Go with the Flow’  They are making boats as part of the entry point.
08 November 2019
On Friday, Football Club left the school at 14:45 and started their journey to Hørsholm. Mr Máté and Mr Marshall took 19 Primary students to participate in an international football tournament. They slept over at North Zealand International School. They made themselves comfortable to prepare for the tournament. 
On Saturday, after a brief meeting where the hosting school went through the rules, the tournament started. ISIB represented the school with two U10 teams.
Team A played 6 games (3 wins; 2 losses and 1 draw) and came in 4th place with brilliant team work.
Team B played 4 games (2 wins and 2 lost) and they came in 3rd place.
Well done to all our students! They did a fantastic job and represented the school with pride.
A massive thank you to Mr Máté and Mr Marshall for giving our learners a great opportunity. Also, big thanks is given to the parents who helped out. 
04 November 2019
Today, Secondary held their annual Career Day and Study Skills Seminar. Students from across the section participated in a variety of workshops where they discussed their dream jobs, collaborated on some different scenarios, listened to a talk given by a former student, identified better ways to study and motivational techniques. 
A great day was had by all. A special thanks to Ms Bøgh and Ms Nadesalingam for organising the Career Day, and Mr McInnis for preparing the Study Skills Seminar. Thanks are also given to all the teachers who facilitated this great day for our learners!
29 October 2019
As a school, we celebrated Diwali. We participated in a range of activities including creating Diya. IG1 presented an informative assembly and Year 4 devised a Diwali drama for the whole school. 
Many thanks to all involved in a wonderful celebration. 
11 October 2019
Today we celebrated Mr Passo's birthday. We held an assembly with some songs, gifts and we all ate some delicious cake. Happy Birthday Mr Passo! 
11 October 2019
ISIB participated in National Exercise Day today where the whole school enjoyed a variety of games. Our Student Representative Council also sold some healthy snacks throughout the day. Well done to everyone who was involved, and a huge thank you to Mr Máté for organising a fantastic day for our community. 
08 October 2019
As part of their weekly buddy time, Year 5 have been talking to their Year 2 buddy about setting targets to improve their work. They helped the Year 2’s understand how they can achieve their target next term and gave them some top tips.
08 October 2019
As part of a cross-section project with Primary and Secondary, IG2 students wrote storybooks for Year 1 students. As part of their Second Language syllabus, IG2 wrote for a specific audience by designing personal storybooks for their Year 1 partners. This linked in with Year 1 as they have recently been working on their IPC topic "The Stories People Tell."
All students had a great time and Year 1 students were thoroughly pleased with the books that were written for them. Well done Year 1 and IG2 on a great collaboration. 
08 October 2019
Year 2 have been continuing their learning about Buildings in their IPC lessons. This week they have been learning about printing. Learning began by designing and creating their own printing blocks. They used their knowledge of 2D shapes, which they have also been learning about in their maths lessons this week, to create a picture of a house. Once their printing blocks were finished they chose bright, colourful paper to print their design onto, inspired by the famous artist Andy Warhol. Maybe we will have a famous modern artist in our class too!
28 September 2019
ISIB celebrated our annual "International Cultures Day" with a variety of people representing a range of countries from across the world. Delicious food, exciting games, and plenty of music and dancing were some of the activities we participated in, but to name a few. 
​A huge thank you to everyone who prepared and participated in a phenomenal event!
September 2019
As part of their IPC topic ’Buildings’ - Year 2 went on a walk around Ikast to look at the different buildings in the town centre. Year 2 were given a scavenger hunt to identify different buildings along the way. Once they arrived in Ikast, they quickly found their favorite building, the church. They learned some interesting facts about the church including how it has been rebuilt, and had extensions added on to make it bigger. They liked it so much that when they came back to school they decided to try and draw it. 
12 September 2019
On Thursday, we participated in a Cross Country event with 39 Primary students. This was the first time we engaged in the activity, and it was great fun. There were four other international schools from all around Denmark, the atmosphere was exciting, and the students were on fire. All the participants tried their best during every race.
There were three different categories for boys and girls, such as: U7, U9 and U11; and they all had different distances (500m; 750m and 1K).
We will definitely join next year, and hopefully with even more students. 
September 2019
As part of IPC lessons on 'Building a Village' Year 6 had to create a 'Geodesic dome' challenging their teamwork, measuring and building skills. 
September 2019
IG2 English as a Second Language students began working with Year 1 students on a cross-section project. Currently, Year 1 students are working on a topic in IPC called "The Stories People Tell" - and IG2 are developing their skills with regards to writing for purpose and specific audiences. IG2 will create story books for Year 1 students over the coming weeks and will read through them with their Year 1 buddy on completion. 
06 September 2019
The Primary children and staff went on their first this year school trip. They visited Open Air Museum- Hjerl Hede in Vinderup and enjoyed a large display of historical buildings, such as an old school, farmhouse, vicarage, inn, watermill and many more. Despite the rainy weather, all children enjoyed being outdoors, asked many questions about items in the museum, and even had the chance to feed and pet some of the animals. It was truly a fun day out!

06 September 2019
Today, Year 11 delivered an excellent assembly on their PSHE Self-Awareness theme. Year 11 spoke about stereotypes and how they affect our society. Students from other year groups then participated in a game of charades, where some great acting skills were shown.
Well done, Year 11 on a great assembly!
Our Student Representative Council (S.R.C.) introduced and explained what the S.R.C has done, and will continue to do for the ISIB community, and will be holding a vote very soon for students to join and continue a great venture.

05 September 2019
On 05 September, IG1 went to "Erhvervsuddannelsesdag" in Herning, alongside other schools from Ikast-Brande Kommune on the first of many events to explore future career possibilities. The day was an opportunity for students to discover the different options open to them both academically and professionally after their time at ISIB.
Students were encouraged to participate in the various activities available, which included; building a brick wall, hairdressing, dentistry and making their own candleholders with industrial machinery – the students thoroughly enjoyed this!
They had an amazing time and were able to interact with industry experts, asking questions to help explore what different jobs entail and how they could possibly pursue a career in their desired field. The day was a huge success and IG1 left feeling excited about what is in store for the future.

29 - 30 August 2019
Secondary students and teachers participated in our brilliant Social Overnight event. All students from Year 7 through to Year 11 went to LEGOLAND during the day where we went on all the rides, had lots of laughs and screamed very loudly!
Once we made our way through the traffic-jam on the highway, we returned to the school for some pizza, some games, and a disco with some singing and dancing!
On Friday morning, we ate breakfast together and went home for some well - deserved rest. 
All in all, it was a fantastic event where we had the opportunity to get to know each other really well, make some new friends and catch-up with others. 

26 August 2019
Today ISIB participated in an Inner Peace Day project. The ‘Inner Peace Day’ project is a non-profit organisation, established to help students around the world improve their self-esteem, attention and emotional well-being.
All classes through from Primary to Secondary completed some activities with the wonderful volunteers that came to our school from across the world. 
​Many thanks to all of fantastic contributions.

14 August 2019
Welcome back to ISIB! 
Today our students returned to school. We had a fun assembly to kick things off, and then we met our classes - returning students and new students. It was a great to see everyone and we wish you all a wonderful year!


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