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  • 29th September 2020: Healthy Eating Week!
    This week is Healthy Eating Week at ISIB. To mark the occasion, the multitalented Ms Sylwia Grzesik made this beautiful bouquet - not of flowers, but of fruit and vegetables! Don't worry, none of them will go to waste - we will cook them all in Ms Davis's cooking class on Thursday...

    Make sure you check out the school Instagram for story posts on Healthy Eating this week!

  • 28th September 2020: Space Explorers
    For our topic about the galaxy, the Early Years children have been learning about the different planets. We made the planets out of paper maché as well as making our own space ships- so much fun!.

  • 28th September 2020: Library Grand Opening!
    After weeks of preparation, the fantastic library space is now ready for ISIB students to access and loan the wide variety of incredible books! Our grand opening on Friday gave children a taster of the reading opportunities available to them. From Harry Potter to Jane Austen, a world of awe and wonder awaits every child - a world where their imagination, curiosities and reading flair can be nurtured.

  • 25th September 2020: Should zoos be banned? IG1 debate.
    In English, IG1 debated the motion: 'This house would ban zoos.' After spirited and well researched arguments from both the proposition and the opposition, the class unanimously decided that zoos ought to be banned.
    In the next week, the class will collate their ideas into cogent and well-structured pieces of writing for their assessment. They will also tackle the deeper question: to what extent are modern humans living their lives like caged zoo animals? We can't wait to hear their fantastic ideas.

  • 25th September: The Tiger who came to Year 2
    Over the past two weeks Year 2’s English lessons have been based around The Tiger Who Came To Tea by Judith Kerr. They enjoyed reading the story and following instructions to make their own tiger masks. This week they carefully followed instructions to make fairy cakes, just like the ones the tiger eats in the book. They finished the week by watching the Tiger Who Came to Tea movie while they ate their delicious fairy cakes- Luckily a tiger didn’t come to our classroom to eat them all first!

  • 24th September 2020: Year 8 Race Ahead!
    Year 8 have been studying physics and exploring different forms of propulsion. Our Formula One engineers of the future experimented by racing cars propelled by different means. Who do you think was the winner?

  • 24th September 2020: Year 1 Puppet Show!
    In their IPC lessons, Year 1 have been following the topic 'Stories that people tell'. The children tested their creative skills and made their own puppets, before performing before their captivated audience!

  • 22nd September: Year 8 Stop Motion animation design
    Year 8 have been working on a cross-curricular project in their design workshops and ICT lessons. With Mr Gert they have created their own designs, before sculpting their clay models which they will use for their stop motion video project!

  • 21st September: Year 6 Measuring in the classroom
    During a Math lesson, Year 6 used their practical skills to measure the perimeter of compound rectilinear shapes. They worked together to calculate their answers.

  • 19th September 2020: Year 2: Danish Language class
    This week the students have been learning about months and seasons. They have made their own "calendar" to support their learning!

  • 18th September 2020: Jackson Pollock - Year 2 Art
    This week Year 2 learnt about creating shades, by adding black to their paint. They learnt about abstract artist Jackson Pollock who invented the ‘drip painting’ method using different shades of colours. He used these dark shades to represent his feelings and emotions. Can you guess how he might have been feeling when he created his work? Year 2 discussed which style they preferred, tints or shades and we all agreed we preferred working with bright and vibrant colours as they make us think of happy and warm times. Although we preferred the light colours we LOVED the ‘drip painting’ method, it was very fun!

  • 18th September 2020: Student Evaluation Survey 2020
    Today in school, children across all year groups completed the student evaluation survey for 2020. Student council representatives assisted in the creation of the survey and helped children complete a range of questions regarding the school environment.

    They will now analyse the results carefully, with the aim of improving student experience in the future!

  • 17th September 2020: Habitat dioramas Year 4
    Year 4 children have been studying habitats in Science. This week they made dioramas to showcase a minature model of a habitat, using natural resources they could find in the school grounds.

  • 14th September 2020: Year 2 Art Lesson
    Year 2 have been learning all about colours in their art lessons. So far they have learnt all about primary and secondary colours and how to create them. In today’s art lesson they extended their colour mixing knowledge and learnt how to create a tint by adding white to their chosen colour.

  • 11th September 2020: Year 7 Imagery Lesson
    The year 7s have been learning about imagery in English and today they were focusing on sound imagery. We coordinated a sequence of body movements such as rubbing hands, clicking fingers, slapping knees and stomping feet in order to recreate the sound of a thunder storm. They worked brilliantly as a team to bring the pitter patter of rain and the rumble of thunder into the NLT room. Well done, Year 7!

  • 11th September: Year 5 Visit to the Jyllands Park Zoo
    Year 5 bonded really well on their visit to the zoo. We had an amazing day visiting the animals and spending our money in the shop!

  • 10th September 2020: Year 7 & 8 at the Gorilla Park!
    Year 7 and 8 went to Gorilla Park in Vejle to try out the amazing climbing activities there. Everybody participated even though it challenged the fear of heights! All of the students managed to get through at least one course. There were 7 courses and the obstacles went up in height at every level. The students needed to keep their focus and use all of their self-belief to get through every obstacle, that varied from climbing activities to line dancing and zip lines.

    There was an amazing atmosphere of cheering on and helping each other through the obstacles. The students were so engaged, that we had to tell them to take a break to get food and drinks! An amazing day in the forest!

  • 9th September 2020: Year 5 & 6 Visit to Jyllands Park Zoo
    At the end of last week Year 5 & 6 had an exciting day at Jyllands Park Zoo. They enjoyed receiving a guided tour around the park and seeing a range of different animals!

  • 8th September 2020: Year 1 & 2 Trip to the Cinema and Library
    Year 1 & 2 had an exciting adventure into Ikast on Friday 4th September. Their first stop was to Ikast Cinema, where they were incredibly lucky to have their own private viewing of Frozen 2 accompanied by delicious popcorn and a drink. After singing along with Anna and Elsa for the morning, they enjoyed the sunshine and had a picnic before heading to Ikast Library where they had a tour of the library and learnt how they could borrow books, games and movies. The children then had lots of fun reading and listening to a variety of exciting books. We are very much looking forward to making a return visit.

  • 7th September 2020: Early Years trip to Præstbjerg Naturcenter
    We had a very busy week in school last week with the Primary and Early Years trips out. Our youngest children enjoyed their visit to the Præstbjerg Naturcenter.

  • 4th September 2020: Year 3 and 4 Primary Trip to WOW Park
    Year 3 and 4 had a fantastic time at WOW Park in Billund on their Primary Trip. The children were full of adventure as they climbed, bounced and swung their way through the forest. To end a fun and successful day, the children even experienced roasting their own marshmallows and popcorn on a campfire!

  • 2nd September 2020: Year 2 IPC - Buildings
    Year 2 have been learning about houses as part of their IPC topic 'buildings'. Over the past two weeks they have designed and made their own rooms for a house. Miss Brown was very proud at how creative her class were especially when it came to making different pieces of furniture!

  • 1st September 2020: Year 6 Oil Spill Science Experiment
    As part of their Science topic, Caring for the Environment, Year 6 had a practical lesson, where they had to simulate an oil spill. The investigation required them to mix oil and water and then test the effect of the oil on different items. They then wrote up their findings on which natural item could be cleaned the easiest.

    The Year 6 students found that items like the feather and leaves were very difficult to clean, highlighting the disastrous natural consequences following oil spills.

  • 3rd September 2020: Year 8 and Year 3!
    Year 8 students visited Year 3 today to present and share their Biology work about butterflies. Year 3 were excited to see and learn about the butterfly life cycle!

  • 31st August 2020: Secondary Trip IG1 & IG2
    IG1 and IG2 had a fantastic day at the 'Funcenter of Aalborg', during the secondary trip, where they tried out a range of entertaining activities! 'The Funcenter' has lots of activities such as laser tag, an escape room, paintball and much more.

  • 30th August 2020: Early Years
    Last week, Reception had a fun Math lesson about matching quantity to a numeral using material they found in the forest. We are lucky at ISIB to have excellent grounds and access to nature that we can use to enhance our learning.

  • 28th August 2020: Parents' Orientation Evening and General Assembly
    On Wednesday 26 August, we hosted our Parents' Orientation Evening followed by the annual General Assembly. The events were well-attended and there was a typically warm and friendly ISIB atmosphere. Conversations between parents and teachers flowed freely, as did the hand sanitizer! Parents were able to learn more about what their children are studying in different subjects and across the age range. A highlight was the presentation on the Year 11 Programme, featuring a professional short film made with last year's Year 11 students, and some artefacts of the leather-making workshop that some of the Year 11s took part in last year. At the General Assembly, we heard from the Chair of the Board, Mr Kurt Møller Petersen, who gave an account of the previous school year; Mr Tom Wilde, the new Head of School, who outlined the vision for the school for the coming year and beyond; and Mr Karsten Rasmussen, who briefed parents on the school's sound financial position. ISIB is in a strong position to weather the ongoing challenges of Covid-19, and to emerge stronger and better than ever before in the years to come.

  • 27th August 2020: Year 4 Cooking
    Year 4 enjoyed their first cookery lesson today. They created healthy snacks in the kitchen with Mrs Davis using the colours of the rainbow.

  • 26th August 2020: Year 11 Film Workshop
    Earlier this year the former Year 11 students took part in a Film making workshop with Mr Gert. They created a trailer with the title 'The Inspector Returns'.

    An inspector investigates the case of the missing servant girl. A story of intrigue, passion and jealousy. You can watch the trailer below and see a gallery of the film stills.

    The students gained hands on experience learning about film making, from set and costume design to filming on location at Den Gamle By. This year, our secondary students will continue to work with Mr Gert on a range of interesting topics!

  • 24th August 2020: IG1
    IG1 students were challenged to take some interesting photos around the Hjertet building to test their photography skills, while capturing unique angles of the area. Here are a few of their fantastic and creative pictures!

  • 14th August 2020: Year 2
    Year 2 have been exploring their classroom this week. Their favourite spot so far is their reading teepee!

  • 12th August 2020: First Day of New School Year
    Mr Tom Wilde, our new Head of School, welcomed students and their parents to the new school year at International School Ikast-Brande. We were able to gather outside in the beautiful morning sunshine and celebrate this special occasion. It was great to see the new Early Years children playing together and enjoying the start of their very first day at school! The children were excited to see their friends again after the summer holidays, and to meet their new teachers.

    As Mr Wilde said,

    “This is an exciting time for our school. We have the best teaching team we have ever had. We have the support of the Ikast-Brande municipality, our sponsors, our neighbours at the IB Gymnasium, and our parents, students, and staff, with your diverse talents, qualities, and experiences. We may be a small school, but we are a big family. Together we can achieve great things.”

  • 11th August 2020

    Our new Head of School: an introduction
    We are delighted to welcome our new Head of School to International School Ikast-Brande. Mr Tom Wilde has been a teacher for over twenty years, and has been in senior leadership positions in international schools for over a decade.

    Tom grew up in southern England, before being awarded a scholarship to study A levels at Dulwich College, London. Before taking up his place at university, he seized an opportunity to work as a volunteer for a year in a local school in Tanzania. Despite the challenges of teaching classes of 50-60 students, with one book to share between ten children, and living on the equivalent of approximately one Euro a day, this experience convinced Tom that teaching was the career for him.

    Tom graduated from the University of Oxford with an MA (Oxon) in Modern History and English, before training and qualifying as a teacher. Tom subsequently obtained the National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH). His educational interests are in coaching techniques, staff and student voice, and fostering creativity and a spirit of adventure among students.

    Tom has worked in international schools since 2000, and enjoys experiencing life and cultures in diverse regions of the world. Since 2000, Tom has taught in Tanzania, Qatar, and Kazakhstan, and has held the leadership positions of Head of Key Stage, Deputy Head, Principal, and Head of School. Tom is delighted to be back in Europe, close to family and friends, and to be able to explore the beautiful landscapes of Denmark, preferably on a bicycle.
    Tom’s interests include anything that involves creativity (music, art, drama, writing…), and anything that involves bicycles. When he gets the chance, he also enjoys climbing mountains, and taking the occasional adventurous journey in places with hard-to-spell names.

    Tom says, “International School Ikast-Brande is a small school with a big heart. The children are confident and eager to learn. The teachers and our support staff bring a wonderfully positive energy to school every day, and the parents are supportive and keen to see our school continue to go from strength to strength. I’m excited to help lead the school to further successes, both academically and beyond the classroom. This is a great time to be a part of ISIB, a truly multicultural community in the very heart of Denmark.”


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