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International School Ikast-Brande

11th August 2020

Our new Head of School: an introduction
We are delighted to welcome our new Head of School to International School Ikast-Brande. Mr Tom Wilde has been a teacher for over twenty years, and has been in senior leadership positions in international schools for over a decade.

Tom grew up in southern England, before being awarded a scholarship to study A levels at Dulwich College, London. Before taking up his place at university, he seized an opportunity to work as a volunteer for a year in a local school in Tanzania. Despite the challenges of teaching classes of 50-60 students, with one book to share between ten children, and living on the equivalent of approximately one Euro a day, this experience convinced Tom that teaching was the career for him.

Tom graduated from the University of Oxford with an MA (Oxon) in Modern History and English, before training and qualifying as a teacher. Tom subsequently obtained the National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH). His educational interests are in coaching techniques, staff and student voice, and fostering creativity and a spirit of adventure among students.

Tom has worked in international schools since 2000, and enjoys experiencing life and cultures in diverse regions of the world. Since 2000, Tom has taught in Tanzania, Qatar, and Kazakhstan, and has held the leadership positions of Head of Key Stage, Deputy Head, Principal, and Head of School. Tom is delighted to be back in Europe, close to family and friends, and to be able to explore the beautiful landscapes of Denmark, preferably on a bicycle.
Tom’s interests include anything that involves creativity (music, art, drama, writing…), and anything that involves bicycles. When he gets the chance, he also enjoys climbing mountains, and taking the occasional adventurous journey in places with hard-to-spell names.

Tom says, “International School Ikast-Brande is a small school with a big heart. The children are confident and eager to learn. The teachers and our support staff bring a wonderfully positive energy to school every day, and the parents are supportive and keen to see our school continue to go from strength to strength. I’m excited to help lead the school to further successes, both academically and beyond the classroom. This is a great time to be a part of ISIB, a truly multicultural community in the very heart of Denmark.”
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