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International School Ikast-Brande

15th January 2021: Year 1 online learning
We are very proud of our students in Year 1 for adapting so well to online learning. They are the youngest students in the school using online learning and are managing to participate in lessons on Microsoft Teams.

Over the last 2 weeks they have completed a range of activities to continue their learning, as well as being able to speak with their friends and teacher, Ms Emese. They have also continued their studies in Danish, ICT, Music, Spanish and P.E. and they have been able to speak with all their usual teachers.

A few pictures here show a snippet of the work they have done.

For their IPC topic ‘The Magic Toy Factory’ where students have made lego creations and created sock puppets.

Using the online learning tool Purple Mash they looked at a Venn diagram showing the differences and Similarities between animals and plants.

Year 1 have even been able to play and socialise with their friends, took part in dress up, and face painting!

Well done Year 1!
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