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International School Ikast-Brande

26th April 2021: Maths Olympiads winners
Miss Bell awarded a large number of students prizes for participating in the Maths Olympiads which was an after school activity for students from Year 4 to Year 8.

The Maths Olympiads provides opportunities for children to engage in creative problem-solving activities. It is a program run by MOEMS in the US in which the school runs a series of five tests from November through to March.

Students compete against students from around the world and are given prizes for their efforts. This was our first year participating in this event and we are very proud to announce a large number of our students exceeded our expectations and were awarded prizes. Well done to everyone who took part and received an award, you all did such an amazing job! Special congratulations go to Pablo Garces from Year 6 and Sophia Voeva in Year 7 who both received the highest scores for Primary and Secondary. Pablo was ranked in the top 20% and Sophia the top 25% globally and both were awarded a trophy, which is an amazing achievement. Many thanks to the staff team who helped lead the students through these events and who made it such a huge success. Great job everyone!
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