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International School Ikast-Brande

28th February 2021: Achievement bands
Every Wednesday some students in year 3 receive an achievement band, this may be awarded for an exceptional piece of work, making extra effort or excellent behaviour. Every Friday one student receives the award for student of the week.

This week the following students received a band;
Aanmona - For excellent work in science using critical thinking skills, contemplating the different variables when writing her prediction for an experiment
Heli - English grammar work, correctly remembering and reciting the rules about direct speech punctuation.
Shourya - For using a wonderful range of vocabulary when adding action and description to dialogue.
Purvi - Fantastic work in math, finding right angles and measuring the perimeter of shapes.
Nishika, Riyan and Bhavesh - Sports stars of the week for their effort and achievement in P.E lessons
Bhavesh - Most improved - For working very hard at home to improve his grammar, handwriting and times table knowledge.

The student of the week this week was Bhavesh - for working consistently hard all week and demonstrating mature and responsible behaviour.

A huge congratulations to all of you!
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