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International School Ikast-Brande

2nd September 2021: Nursery, Receptions, Year 1 & Year 2 trip to the zoo!
On Thursday 2nd September Nursery, Reception, Year 1 & Year 2 children visited Jylland Park Zoo. Our day started with a big bus taking us to the zoo. Nursery and Reception particularly enjoyed this part, singing the wheels on the bus along the way. Arriving at the zoo, the children were hungry and started by having their snacks. This was excellent timing as some of the animals were also eating their breakfast. We spent the rest of the day exploring the zoo, seeing lots of amazing animals such as alpacas, penguins, lions and baboons. Fortunately, there was beautiful weather on the day, and the children enjoyed their picnic and playing in the adventure play areas. We had such a busy fun filled day that some of us fell asleep during the bus ride home.
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