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International School Ikast-Brande
KS4 English first language

Curriculum overview

Cambridge IGCSE First Language English offers candidates the opportunity to respond knowledgeably to a rich array of reading passages. Candidates will use some of these passages to inform and inspire their own writing, and write in a range of text types for different audiences.


Topics to be studied:

Assessment and coursework


Cambridge IGCSE English as a First Language candidates take two components:

Reading Passages (Paper 1) and Coursework (Component 3)


All candidates take exam sections - Reading - Paper 1 and Coursework (Component 3)


Paper 1: Reading

Candidates answer three compulsory questions on three texts which may be on a similar topic. Candidates write all
their answers in the space provided on the question paper.
Text A and Text B will be 700–750 words in length and Text C will be 500–650 words in length. Candidates should
spend approximately 15 minutes reading the texts.
The texts will be printed on the question paper insert.

Component 3: Coursework

Candidates submit a portfolio of three assignments, each of about 500–800 words. The assignments may be
completed in any order, and are:

Assignment 1: writing to discuss, argue and/or persuade in response to a text or texts
Assignment 2: writing to describe
Assignment 3: writing to narrate.

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