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365 days!

Today is the one year anniversary of the war starting in Ukraine. It’s a difficult time for those involved and for the students with us a reminder of being away from home.

Our Ukrainian immersion class at ISIB continue to prepare our Ukrainian students for a return home with both in person teaching and access to Ukrainian online education. As their language skills progress the students are participating in more and more of our usual classes to integrate with their peers and be more involved in the school curriculum.

On this anniversary we simply reflect on what it must be like to be uprooted from your home, sent to a different country, and know that your parents, siblings and family are fighting for your freedom.

If you have access to Jyllands Posten you can read a touching article about our fantastic Ukrainian teacher Ms. Olha.

We will, as a community, continue to support our Ukrainian students and see what this year offers.

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