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Sitting on a sun bed? Lounging in the garden? Just chilling out? Read this! The WEF (World Economic Forum) recently updated their list of five reasons reading improves us as human beings.

1. Reading regularly increases our life span by around two years! Yale University studies state that reading, ‘promotes empathy and emotional intelligence - cognitive processes that can lead to greater chance of survival’.

2. Reading physical books are better for us - a Norwegian study shows that comprehension tests show book readers are better than e readers!

3. You develop future skills – based on the skills needed for 2030 and beyond - a library at home and reading together develops the skills of the future including the softer skills.

4. Reading builds your literacy rates, cognitive and emotional intelligence. The Oxford University press states the current word gap in the UK is holding back the progression of children. We need to improve literacy to perform better.

5. Finally, the Alzheimer’s society states, ‘Regularly challenging yourself mentally (reading is great way) seems to build up the brain’s ability to cope with disease,” according to the Society’s website. “One way to think about it is ‘Use it or lose it’.”

Different countries with different studies all say that reading (and physical books are better) improve your life chances, cognitive and emotional intelligences and skills for the future.

So whilst chilling out this summer get your kids to pick up a book and read. An interesting fact is that billionaires and effective CEO read a lot more than average! Get the kids in the habit and you could be supporting a great future!!

Have a lovely break - whatever you are doing.

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