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Celebrate those days whereever you are !

Celebrating is of course essential to any community, after a wonderful Holi celebration last week it is worth looking to what else is celebrated around the world. Today Friday 17 is St. Patricks day in Ireland and around Irish communities, the wearing of the shamrock leaf, green coloured beer and being pinched by your friends are all part of the celebrations. However its also World Sleep day. To look at sleep as an essential part of being healthy and even. In the United states, it’s Corned Beef and Cabbage day. A cheaply produced dish reminiscent of the early immigrants to the US. For women around the world it’s the end of Women’s week and in Great Britain it will be Mothering Sunday / Mothers Day when all mothers are celebrated often with chocolates and flowers. Restaurants will be full with British families spending over 8 billion DKK for the day.

Whatever you are doing remember someone somewhere is celebrating a great day.

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