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International School Ikast-Brande
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Christmas Wishes

As we wrap up our final days of the term and reflect on what we have achieved together, it is important to look forward and contemplate on what we wish for in the future.

A few weeks ago, our Student Representative Council organised a tree decorating ceremony, and as part of this, our students personalised baubles with wishes they had for the world.

Our thoughtful learners showed incredible selflessness and wished for: "racism to end"; "everyone to have clean water"; and "equality for all" - just to name a few. These incredibly altruistic features show how children are our future and how we can all learn from their desire to help - not because we feel obliged to out of duty, loyalty or "because it's Christmas", but by simply desiring to help out of concern for the wellbeing of other people.

We wish a healthy and happy New Year to all our families and beyond, and we look forward to an exciting 2022

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