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Fantastic Happy New Year news!!

As you know we rebuilt the Early Years playground this year with the help of our landlord to offer a great activities set for the younger children. After such success we decided to apply for a grant to help improve the outdoor facilities for the older children and the children in the SFO by establishing a new playground area and a unique biodiversity route alongside the school.

International School Ikast-Brande was one of 74 schools Nordea-fonden approved applications from and in December 2022 they granted us with 700,000 dkk toward the project. Thank you so much to Nordea-fonden!

The money will be invested in new climbing areas, a swing and spin set and an outdoor classroom for our teachers and especially the SFO to use after a long day inside. We will also establish a pathway witch will give us a great place for outdoor learning, biodiversity of insect and animal life and teaching children about plants, berries and gardening.

The students will now have an area where they can observe insects and birds, grow plants and learn to love nature. We are incredibly excited about the project which we hope to complete by the start of the next school year.

If you know of companies that may be willing to donate large wooden outdoor planters, forest logs (not treated) insect and bird houses, soil and bulbs or seeds please let Christiane know so we can begin to get the project underway. I will keep you informed as we go and send out the detailed plans once we have them in place.

We look forward to yet another great year at ISIB - together with your children and you.

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