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Getting back to school - again..

As the holidays approach we have discussed websites to use, keeping the learning active by regular refresher work and reducing the loss of knowledge. However, how do we prepare them for their return in August.

Here are some tips:

Adjust your sleep routine one week before going back

The summer holidays often means getting up late and staying up even later!

So, when it comes to going back to school, it’s no wonder that they often feel sluggish and don’t have the same motivation they did before they broke up for the holidays.

What we recommend is that they try to get back to their normal sleeping pattern one week before the start of the new school term. This means that by the time school starts, they are already used to getting up early.

Stock up on new school supplies and do it early before the good stuff goes!!

There is one good thing about going back to school…new stuff!

I mean, how can you expect to get good grades if you don’t have a new set of pens, a new schoolbag and new uniform?!

Motivation is all about attitude, but sometimes a little bit of the superficial ‘stuff’ can help too.

Set a goal (and reward) for the year

One of the best ways you can motivate a student for the new school year is to set them a target. These can be academic goals, social goals or anything in between.

If they are taking IGCSE this year, then it can be a good idea to write out a list of all the subjects and what grades they hope to achieve. It’s important that you keep the goals realistic so that they don’t set them up for disappointment. By documenting their goals on paper, you’ll have a physical record of what they’re aiming for, which means they are more likely to actively pursue them.

You should reward them every time they meet one of the milestones. It could be something as simple as a pizza evening!

Organise your timetable

The timetables will be issued on day 1 and available in the Engage app so you can plan each day and what you need. Remember day 1 is only half a day so finish is at 12:00

Plan to try new activities

Going back to school isn’t just about studying. It’s also about learning new skills and improving the ones that you already have. Consider the co-curricular clubs and see what interests you, keeping active outside of school is just as important as being active in school.

Talk about looking forward to seeing the class and maybe a few new students who need help to settle in.

We look forward to seeing all of our students back and ready to go!!

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