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Internationalism in a nutshell

In the Danish news is a review of the new offering by two of London’s premier Universities alongside three other countries known as the ‘Future College’

Here students attend their studies across three countries but what is most interesting is the focus is on the same areas we have introduced to ISIB. The ‘softer skills’ of thinking and problem solving, communication, mentoring and of course digital understanding are all part of their new offering.

We already know that these are the key needs of the future generation so it is great to see top Universities and countries developing programs that meet the future need for our children.

Over the next week we can relax and take sometime to look around the world and see what is going on, the tragedy in Turkey and Syria, the war in Ukraine and the ongoing troubles in other countries often are the only news we see, but there are also the positive things - so when your checking the news look for those too.

Have a great week.

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