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More ...IS more.

Here at ISIB we consistently deliver a higher number of programmed hours of teaching than in Danish schools. Danish schools deliver around 100 – 500 less learning hours than we do each year across all sections! The question is does it matter?

Research conducted by Simon Anderson and Maria Humlum in both Denmark and in the USA in 2016 states that, ‘ increasing instruction time increases student learning’. Simply put we deliver more hours for two reasons, it improves ability and learning AND it supports working families to manage the work life balance.

We know that a good basic education is the foundation for a healthy and positive life. The additional skills we also teach such as problemsolving that is essential in a modern industry and careers so a student graduating from ISIB is better prepared and has a greater depth of knowledge than other students.

Our IGCSE exam results this year, which are above International averages, are a testimony to student's hard work and staff's dedication - and the students love for learning and doing well.

ISIB rocks!!!

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