International School Ikast-Brande
Meet the team


Emese Sándor

Year 1 Teacher

Originally from Hungary, Emese Sándor relocated to Denmark with her family in 2016. She graduated as a primary teacher, specializing in Mathematics and Arts. Since 2016, Emese has been studying towards a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fashion Design to broaden her skills. In this time she has also learnt how to speak Danish.

Emese likes to create an innovative learning experience, combining ICT and art skills with more traditional curriculum subjects. Her goal is to involve different disciplines and intelligences, matching the needs of the children. She also focuses on visual and multisensory learning, and her motto is “Experience and experiment”!

Emese has exceptionally high standards for herself as a professional, and is a strong team player. Children are comfortable in her company, and she feels comfortable with them by nature as well, since she is the oldest of five children in her own family.