International School Ikast-Brande
Meet the team

Emil Jacobsen

Early Years Assistant and SFO Team Member

Emil is born and raised in Ikast. He has later moved to Silkeborg but couldn't leave the city behind entierly and came back to work at ISIB.

Emil finished his IB exam in 2019 and during his first gap year found the opportunity to help out at the school. He enjoys working here so much that his initial plan of started on university in 2021 has been pushed back, so he can stay in Early Years another year.

He enjoys the different challenges he has to overcome at work, even though they're different from what he's used to.

Emil enjoys the diverse environment the school offers, making sure that every voice is heard.

Bøgildvej 2 ∙ 7430 ∙ Ikast ∙ Denmark ∙ +45 97 15 64 65 ∙

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