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Richa Shukla

Mathematics; Examinations Officer

Richa is originally from India. She came to Denmark in 2009 and has been working at ISIB since 2012.

Before ISIB Richa was teaching math to graduate and undergraduate level students in India for almost 6 years. She had also privately tutored different levels of classes for 3 years. Richa has completed her Bachelor's degree in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, and holds a Masters degree in Mathematics. Richa enjoys a challenging teaching environment and likes to work with children who find math difficult as well as children who are very curious and keep challenging her.

Apart from teaching, she likes cooking and likes experimenting with new dishes.

Richa is very fond of the open and free environment at ISIB in which everyone is encouraged to express his or her opinion and contribute. She especially likes the great diversity of staff and students and the way all of them work together at the school.

What she likes most about Denmark is the family-oriented social welfare system that works for the benefit of families and people living in Denmark.

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