International School Ikast-Brande
Youth Guidance Counsellor - UU Vejleder

Youth Guidance Counsellor - UU Vejleder

All learners at ISIB will be introduced to the Youth Guidance Counsellor (UU Vejleder) from Year 8. We have created some strong links with our local agency - Unge og Uddannelse, Ikast-Brande, in particular our guidance counsellor - Ms Gitte. 


Ms Gitte will be visiting our learners on a regular basis throughout the year. In collaboration with the school, Ms Gitte guides and supports our learners through the process of their readiness for Upper Secondary Education programs in Denmark. 


​It is also worth noting that we will be publishing a newsletter to parents regarding Guidance Counselling approximately four times per year. 

​For more information, please contact:


Gitte Kolding Mortensen


Tel: 21179491/99604282