International School Ikast-Brande
Leaving the school

Students leaving the school must give the school a minimum of two months’ written notice at the end of any given calendar month. You are required to pay the school fees during this notice period.  If you complete the school year, the full yearly payment is payable, including the instalment in July. 
We do kindly ask for you to inform us as soon as you are ready to share the information. This will enable us to start the enrolment of new students from the waiting list.
Students who are de-registering must collect a copy of the "Student Exit Checklist" from their homeroom teacher and follow the instructions on the document.
Official transcripts/documents, as well as the deposit, will be sent to the provided address only after all fees have been paid and school properties have been returned.
Please complete the Exit Interview below and the de-registration form can be completed below or can be downloaded and when completed emailed  to the school secretary at
Download De-Registration Form  (Email form to

Exit Interview

De-registration form

If you are leaving the school you must fill in the following information.  Please note that two month's notice must be given to de-register your child.  

Thanks for submitting!