International School Ikast-Brande
School uniform

We are proud of our school uniform. Our uniform gives ISIB students a shared identity as members of the ISIB community. It is also affordable and hard-wearing, making it ideally suited to active school days for students of all ages!

The ISIB school uniform is mandatory. Uniform items can be purchased from Direct Schoolwear in the UK. There is post and packaging paid when ordering and the company have stated that there will be no import tax on purchases. (The school cannot guarantee this).

​If you would like to purchase uniform from our UK supplier then click below for boy or girl uniform:

Uniform for boys

Uniform for girls

School uniform example
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School uniform example
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P.E. Uniform

PE uniform can be purchased from the following website based here in Ikast: PE uniform can be tried on at Sport 24, Strøget 19, 7430 Ikast.

Link for P.E. uniform

PE Uniform.png
girls uniform.png
boys uniform.png