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International School Ikast-Brande
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Mission and vision

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Welcome to International School Ikast-Brande!

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Students are the heart of International School Ikast-Brande. We recognise every student as unique, and value all students’ contributions to school life. At ISIB, our students develop a life-long love of learning, and the personal qualities and social skills needed for success in school and beyond. ISIB students learn to face challenges of all kinds with confidence, and to show resilience in the face of difficulty in order to achieve success. Our highly qualified teachers have a wealth of international experience. Each is committed to providing varied and high-quality learning opportunities for your child.


We are the international school of choice in the heart of Denmark. We achieve this by endeavouring to fulfil the academic potential of every ISIB student. We guide our students to be balanced individuals who are fully prepared for the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly changing world.   


International School Ikast-Brande is a friendly and diverse school with a family atmosphere. Our staff team works in partnership with students and parents, and we encourage our students to care for each other in an environment that promotes consideration, cooperation, and courtesy. Welcome to ISIB!


Mission and Vision

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​The International School Ikast-Brande is a school committed to the happiness and sustainability of our community. Focused on excellent academics and developing individual skills and attributes we prepare students for the challenges of an ever-changing world.

Our school will:
  • EDUCATE   through concept learning, problem solving and real life challenges to produce innovative and inquisitive digital global citizens who will question and dare to try
  • PREPARE    for the future by developing the workforce skills needed by the community through delivery of a sustainable and evolving curriculum
  • INSPIRE      all of us to face challenges together with both self-leadership and teamwork and to never accept less than the best we can achieve
  • CREATE      a student whose knowledge, skills and behaviours support their chosen path and help them make a difference in the world
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Curriculum Development and Educational Outcomes


The task of the strategic goals is to ensure that the SMILES is achievable for all students regardless of gender, culture, race or ethnicity.  An inclusive safe and friendly environment in which all individuals are welcome and accepted.

  • Skilful innovator

Who is willing to enjoy the freedom given them to explore in a safe but challenging environment, actively engage in their own learning, develop personality and be themselves. An individual who is understanding of a diverse and complex world through its issues and problems and able to explore their own creative outlook without fear of rejection for its differences.

  • Mind of a thinker

Who is able to develop a base of constructed knowledge on which they can scaffold their learning, use a range of thinking skills and problem solving techniques. Who can apply critical thinking and develops innovation abilities through challenges both physical and mental to explore real world issues with a drive to make it better.

  • Interpersonal ability

To be a role model of positive inclusion, teamwork and understanding others in a diverse world. A student who can listen to others points of view with an open mind and the ability to offer a clear response based on objective decision-making. An individual who understands service and can make a practical impact in the world around them.

  • Living a healthy life

By showing self-leadership about their own self to develop healthy bodies through a climate of healthy eating awareness and continued physical development in an outdoor teaching environment when possible and through a practical approach to teaching. A student able to understand their limitations and persevere to overcome them with knowledge and understanding of themselves and their environment.

  • Emotional intelligence

An individual, who can understand themselves and their emotions, understand others, debate complex subjects with knowledge and without bias. To develop a robust individual with the ability to deal with failure and respond with a positive attitude and commitment to self-leadership, a good communicator who can use empathy and understanding in a confused and changing world. A student who can determine his or her own personal effect on the world, his or her own global impact and how they can affect change through knowledge and application.

  • Sustainable mindset

To look after the school, their community, their country and the world.

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Meet the Board

Click here to learn about the school board at ISIB.

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School Uniform

At ISIB we pride ourselves in the appearance of our children. Find out about how to purchase uniform here.

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Important Documents

Here you will find the statutes of the school, data protection information and details on parking. 

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Getting started in the Ikast-Brande community
Find information about the area, search for jobs, start learning Danish and use the free public transport in Ikast-Brande Municipality.



Our highly trained staff come from many different countries and speak many different languages. Click below to find out more information and contact details. 

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