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International School Ikast-Brande
School fees

Registration fee

2500 DKK
A one-off, non-refundable administrative charge

School fees

3650 DKK/month (Over 11 monthly instalments)
(if joining ISIB prior to 5 September of current school year)

Late entry school fees

4750 DKK/month (Over 11 monthly instalments)
(for students in Year 1 upwards joining ISIB after 5 September of current school year)

Sibling discount

25% off monthly school fee and SFO fee
applies to second and any subsequent children joining ISIB from the same family

Breakfast Club

400 DKK
Per Month

After-School Club (SFO)

800 DKK
Per month
School Fees
School fees are the same for all ISIB students: Early Years, Years 1–8, IG1 and IG2.
ISIB school fees are determined at the discretion of the Board of Governors before the start of each academic year. The school fees are based on a yearly tuition fee. It is also possible to pay in 11 monthly instalments. The instalments are due on the first day of any given month, and the payments follow the academic year from August to June, inclusive. The first payment in the academic year is therefore due on 1 August and the last payment is due on 1 June. July is a payment-free month.
For students with a Danish CPR number, who are registered and attending school before 5 September of the given school year, the tuition fee is 40.150 DKK per school year. The late entry tuition fee rate applies to all students who register after 5 September of the given school year or do not obtain a CPR number before 5 September. The late entry fees are due to the school not receiving state funding for students registered after 5 September in the given school year. 
The costs of school trips, lunches, before and after-school provision and uniforms are not included in the school fees. Note that a laptop computer is required by each student in secondary school. Full details on requirements and specifics are given prior to registration.
When you have a confirmed place in the school a deposit of two months fees is required, this is refunded to the parent once the child leaves ISIB.

Out of School Provision

The tuition fee for Early Years-Year 4 students includes after-school clubs until 15.00. Attendance at these after-school clubs is recommended, but not mandatory. Parents must book their child’s place at the after-school club for each afternoon their child wishes to attend.
Early Years-Year 4 students can register for Breakfast Club (7.00-8.00 daily) and the SFO after-school club (15.00-17.00, Monday-Thursday, and 14.00-16.00 on Friday).
The Breakfast Club and SFO after-school club are closed on public holidays, during Christmas holidays, and for three weeks in the summer. The school provides a Holiday Club during the remaining school breaks. Places on the Holiday Club must be booked by the deadline provided by the school. This deadline depends on the summer holiday dates each year.

​​​Bank Transfer Details

Handelsbanken Ikast
Account number: 7641 1020654
IBAN: DK6676410001020654


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