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Bachelor Degree options in English in Denmark

Bachelor Degree options in English in Denmark.


Denmark offers an excellent range of choices with programs taught in English  - especially at Master’s level, but recently there has been some debate about the changes of offers at the Bachelor level. These changes mostly refer to the Professional Bachelor programs offered at the Danish schools of applied sciences (i.e. KEA and VIA) offering a practice-oriented, higher education.  


It is therefore relevant to highlight the multiple options there still are for obtaining a Bachelor Degree in English in Denmark.


Below are links to Universities and Business Schools in Denmark, and KEA in Region Midtjylland where you can find Bachelor programs taught in English.


All programmes | CBS - Copenhagen Business School

Economics and maths BSc in Business Administration and Service Management BSc SEM combines business economics and service sector studies and gives you an in-depth understanding of how to market, sell and organise a service in national as well as international markets.

Bachelor's degree programmes - Aarhus Universitet

Aarhus BSS tilbyder business og samfundsvidenskabelige uddannelser på bachelor- og kandidatniveau.


Bachelor's programmes at Aalborg University

A bachelor's (BA) programme or a professional bachelor's programme is a coherent education leading to a bachelor's degree. It is also called an undergraduate programme, however, at AAU’s websites, you will mostly see the term “bachelor’s programme”.

General Engineering (Bachelor) - DTU

The bachelor's programme (BSc) in General Engineering is an international BSc programme at DTU. The programme gives you broad engineering competencies and a solid technical-scientific foundation


BSc Eng programmes - DTU

BSc Eng programmes at DTU. The University offers a wide range of BSc Eng programmes, but only one, BSc in General Engineering, is taught in English and available to international students. BSc in General Engineering; Other BSc Eng programmes (taught in Danish)


Data Science - ITU

With a BSc in Data Science, you will become the next generation analyst - a data scientist with comprehensive analytical and technical skills covering all aspects of handling and analysing data. By deriving key insights from data, you will be driving the decision-making of the future. You will learn to work in interdisciplinary teams and not only make sense of vast amounts of data, but also ...

The content on this page is subject to change. To keep up to date with current information we recommend visiting the website Study In Denmark  linked below.

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