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At ISIB we are proud of our excellent environment. The school buildings are spacious and light, while our outside area has access to green space, play areas and woodland. See the pictures to give you an idea of our environment and read about this history of our school below. 

In August 2013, ISIB moved into a beautiful new building on Bøgildvej, designed by one of Denmark's leading architecture firms, C.F. Møller. Our school is truly an architectural work of art, yet it is also a highly practical, functional space for teaching, learning and play, catering for students from Early Years to Year 11 (ages 2-16).

In August 2018, we took part in the Ikast-Brande municipality’s Hjertet project. The Hjertet is a stunning multi-purpose building and outdoor activities complex, with a wide range of indoor and outdoor facilities, located next to the Bøgildvej building. ISIB students and their teachers enjoy the use of the spacious and airy multi-sports hall, street sports hall, reflection room, and several classrooms, as well as the stage area. To find out more about the Hjertet, please click here.

Our Bøgildvej building is located next to the Ikast-Brande Gymnasium, which offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme. We work in partnership with IBG, forming a centre for international education for students right up until the time when they are ready to enter university, or begin their careers.

International School Ikast-Brande
The legacy of ISIB

The Legacy of ISIB

by Michelle Unzué, parent/journalist


When students leave ISIB behind, they begin a life of adventure. But in this new path, the mark of the school is unquestionably present, it is an invisible stamp that has shaped these new adults to a great extent. We talked to two former ISIB students who are now 21 years old. They told us how their experiences at ISIB have influenced and prepared them to face their present lives.


From Ikast… to India and Australia!





Sai Krishna Pokala is a great example of the international spirit of ISIB. He is an Indian student who studied four years at ISIB, from 2010 to 2014; he then returned to Bengaluru in India, to continue studying for another four years. Since then he has been living in Melbourne, Australia, for two years, where he is still studying.


Six years after his time at ISIB, he is very clear about what he misses. "I miss the cultural ambience and the friendly staff and teachers, and also the swimming classes and the Biology experiments. Furthermore, I miss the close bonds created with my peers; we used to make friendly jokes. That level of friendship and enjoyment cannot be replicated in university or anywhere else," shares Sai.

A photo of Sai when he was at ISIB

He continues to maintain a close relationship with some of his ISIB friends, even though they are separated by thousands of miles. In his current studies towards a bachelor’s degree in business administration (BBA) at Deakin University, he also enjoys a multicultural and diverse atmosphere. His time at ISIB has helped him to manage his current studies. "It has helped me a lot to be more practical, and in researching for studies and presentations. It has also taught me to manage my time and to be responsible with my education and goals. And to value all cultures and religions in every way: I have learnt to let people express their opinions without any backlash," he says.


His dream is to become an entrepreneur, to build many businesses, and to provide opportunities for employment to many people. And his time at ISIB can help him to achieve it. "Discipline is an integral part of a student’s life, which helps to be more focused in our life goals. ISIB taught me to conduct research and present my ideas in a very diverse manner," he believes.


Sai now

Be ready to work hard


Another former ISIB student is Simran Kholi, a Danish woman with Indian and British origins who studied at the school for four years. She is currently studying towards an master’s degree in International Economic Consulting at Aarhus University, where she lives.


From 2012 to 2015, the time when she studied, the school did not exist as we know it today. "When I started at ISIB we were located in an older building, which consisted of a house and two garages where the lessons were held. I actually think those were the best moments, as it was a cosy environment. In addition, the classes were of small sizes, and often two different groups used to have lessons in the same classroom. Another great moment for me was when we officially moved to the new building. Those were exciting and memorable times," remembers Simran.


For Simran, who had been a student at a Danish public school, it was a big shock to start studying at ISIB: "I feel that the school has taught me to work hard. Coming from a normal Danish public school, where things work and function in a different manner, to a school where the teachers, the classes, the exams and most of all the academic level being higher, was a difficult journey. However, I believe that I was able to familiarise myself with the school quite quickly. The academic goals were a challenge in terms of knowledge, as well as personally. The school has definitely helped me to come out of my comfort zone."


simram isib

This future consultant took many memories of ISIB in her backpack, but also great lessons. As Simran says, "The value I have taken with me from ISIB is to be disciplined, as the amount of work we used to get was no small amount. Moreover, given the international spirit at the school, it has been a place that has introduced me to different types of people, and to respect their cultures and opinions. Furthermore, I think that the school has helped me value my opinion and voice, which I feel was needed for me to be more expressive. And I feel that the school has taught me to value education and to be a good team mate. These are all values that I have taken with me to my further studies, and these values continue to develop, as they have functioned as a strong foundation for me."


Simran is aware that in her current studies there is a great imprint of all her ISIB teachings, which helped shape the person she has become today. "I definitely feel that the discipline taught at the school has had a great impact on how I am studying right now. It has helped me organise my work more optimally and avoid feeling pressurised. I have learned to KISS (‘Keep It Simple, Stupid’), which is something my English teacher Ms Sullivan always used to say to me, so thank you for that, Ms Sullivan!"

Simran at ISIB

Simran now

Simran looks back with affection at the beautiful years she spent at ISIB, and gives this advice to current school students: "Absorb everything that you are exposed to. Yes, the experience is not always filled with sunshine, rainbows and unicorns, but that is just how life is. I would advise them to always do their best and not worry too much about the grades, as they should understand that a number doesn’t depict your intelligence. Prepare and be ready to work hard and prioritise your time, which is efficient and effective. Study in a smart, not hard way. Finally, I wish them all the best for the future!"


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