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At ISIB we are proud of our excellent environment. The school buildings are spacious and light, while our outside area has access to green space, play areas and woodland. See the pictures to give you an idea of our environment and read about this history of our school below. 

In August 2013, ISIB moved into a beautiful new building on Bøgildvej, designed by one of Denmark's leading architecture firms, C.F. Møller. Our school is truly an architectural work of art, yet it is also a highly practical, functional space for teaching, learning and play, catering for students from Early Years to Year 11 (ages 2-16).

In August 2018, we took part in the Ikast-Brande municipality’s Hjertet project. The Hjertet is a stunning multi-purpose building and outdoor activities complex, with a wide range of indoor and outdoor facilities, located next to the Bøgildvej building. ISIB students and their teachers enjoy the use of the spacious and airy multi-sports hall, street sports hall, reflection room, and several classrooms, as well as the stage area. To find out more about the Hjertet, please click here.

Our Bøgildvej building is located next to the Ikast-Brande Gymnasium, which offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme. We work in partnership with IBG, forming a centre for international education for students right up until the time when they are ready to enter university, or begin their careers.

International School Ikast-Brande
Covid response

Updated 11/03 2022


The Danish Health Authorities yesterday announced new recommendations for testing for COVID-19. Large sections of the population in Denmark are no longer recommended to test for COVID-19, when experiencing symptoms.

For the school community, this means that COVID-19 is treated as any other illness. If your child is sick, they need to stay home, but testing is no longer recommended.

If your child for some reason tests positive (for instance due to a hospital appointment), it is still recommended to isolate according to the guidelines from the Health Authorities. You do not need to inform the school of a positive test.

The school will continuously focus on the good habits of cleaning, good hand hygiene and airing of the classrooms.

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