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Curriculum Overview

Cambridge IGCSE Global Perspectives provides opportunities for enquiry into, and reflection on, key global issues from a personal, local/national and global perspective.

Young people globally face unprecedented challenges in an interconnected and information-heavy world, not least in how they will gain a sense of their own active place in the world and cope with changes that will impact on their life chances and life choices. Students will have opportunities to acquire and apply a range of skills, including gathering, synthesizing and communicating information, and collaborating with others to achieve a common outcome. They will learn to analyse and evaluate planning, processes and outcomes and will be able to develop and justify a line of reasoning.

The syllabus emphasises the development and application of skills rather than the acquisition of knowledge. Students will develop transferable skills that will be useful for further study and for young people as active citizens of the future.

The course is not about getting everybody to think identically; rather it is a matter of opening minds to the great complexity of the world and of human thought, and opening hearts to the diversity of human experience and feeling.

About the Course

Topics Covered

It is not intended for candidates to study all of the topics listed below but learners should show evidence of research into any three topics listed.

Candidates choose from the following topics:

Belief Systems

Biodiversity and Ecosystem Loss

Climate Change

Conflict and Peace

Disease and Health

Education for All


Family and Demographic Change

Fuel and Energy

Humans and Other Species

Language and Communication

Law and Criminality

Poverty and Inequality

Sport and Recreation

Technology and the Economic Divide

Trade and Aid Tradition,

Culture and Identity

Transport and Infrastructure


Water, Food and Agriculture

Assessment and examinations

The Group Project comprises of two elements.

Group Element Candidates collaborate to produce a plan and carry out a group project based on research into one topic area. The topic area must be different from the topics studied for the Individual Research

Individual Element Candidates evaluate the plan, process and outcome of the group project as well as their individual contributions to the project. Candidates report on what they have learnt from cross-cultural collaborationsThese assignments are worth 30% of the final grade.

Written Paper

This consists of compulsory questions based on a range of sources provided with the paper. Sources will present global issues from a range of perspectives. This paper lasts 1 hour and 15 minutes and is worth 30% of the final grade.

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