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International School Ikast-Brande
Important documents

Statutes of the School

Anchor 1 statutes

International School Ikast-Brande is an independent school based on these statutes - Skolens vedtægter (In Danish) - as amended by the board on 17th June 2021 and published 28th June 2021. The signatures page of the governors can be found here.

Students' Survey/Evaluation 2020

Studen eval

A students’ survey is completed each year at school with the aim of identifying areas for improving student experience at ISIB.

In September 2020, our students from Year 1 to Year 11 completed the yearly student evaluation survey. We were delighted by their positive responses, which reflect the cheerful, warm school environment we enjoy at ISIB. You can find the results here

A summary, methodology and evaluation of the September 2020 survey can be found here

Parents' Survey/Evaluation 2020

parent survey eval

In September 2020, parents of children at the school completed a survey about their experiences of ISIB. Their responses emphasise that we are a safe and happy school, where everyone is respected, and where children and adolescents are challenged to fulfil their academic potential. You can find the results here.

ISIB Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy


The safety, health and well-being of our students is our priority at ISIB. Everyone at the school has a responsibility to ensure that children are safe and well. This responsibility is reflected in our policies and practices at the school, including access to regularly updated training courses. You can read our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy here.

Positive Behaviour Policy

Aims of our positive behaviour policy:

  1. To create a welcoming, safe orderly, creative, and student friendly environment.

  2. To inspire positive attitudes to school work and the school environment.

  3. For staff and students to take personal responsibility for their environment.

  4. To insure a high standard of excellent behaviour and discipline is maintained. 

You can read our Positive Behaviour Policy here. 

ISIB Complaints Policy

International School Ikast-Brande (ISIB) takes concerns and complaints seriously, and we will make every effort to resolve such matters as quickly as possible.


It is in everyone’s interest that concerns and complaints are resolved at the earliest possible stage. Most issues can be resolved informally, without the need to use the formal stages of the complaints procedure. In rare cases where an informal approach is unsuccessful, we have a formal procedure to follow. You can read our Complaints Policy here.

Healthy Eating Policy

ISIB seeks to help our children to grow and develop into healthy, confident, mature adults, capable of realising their full potential as human beings. Developing a healthy attitude to food and helping children to develop good habits is seen as an important part of school life. You can read our Healthy Eating Policy here.

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