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International School Ikast-Brande
Meet the team


Kevin Brown - M.Ed.

Head of School

Kevin Brown is from Nottingham, England, and joins ISIB from The International School of Tucson, Arizona. He is married with three boys, one lives in England and the two younger ones travel with Kevin and his wife as they move around the world.

After leaving his education in England at the age of sixteen and joining the British Royal Air Force, Kevin served his country for many years, travelling around the world in roles as diverse as mountain rescue teams, through to Leadership trainer and helicopter gunner. Finally, in his mid-thirties, he returned to education, got his degree, and took a Masters in Education. After leaving the Royal Air Force, he worked in developing educational software in Accelerated Learning and met many great people who shaped his ethos on learning. Kevin became a teacher, quickly moving through to leadership positions and progressed to Head of School in a vocational college. In this time, Kevin and his wife became foster carers looking after neglected children, eventually adopting two boys to join their family.

Kevin’s experience in the military has fostered a love for travelling, seeing other people and cultures, so when an opportunity as a Leadership director in Muscat, Oman, came up he took it and spent two great years in one of the friendliest countries in the Middle East.

Kevin was then the Principal of a large school in Abu Dhabi at a large all-boys school of 2500 students and over 200 staff before moving to Tucson looking after a school with just under 300 students in the middle of the Sonoran Desert.

Kevin feels that ISIB is a diverse collection of nationalities and cultures and is a wonderful opportunity to learn about other people. He believes that happiness will always bring success and his first role will be to understand the school and its culture. His experience in International schools has taught him many things, tolerance and understanding of others being foremost and the ability to listen being essential in moving forward.

Outside of work, he enjoys martial arts, hiking, and travelling; travel is the only thing that costs money and makes you richer, but International education can make you more tolerant, understanding and accepting of others.

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