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International School Ikast-Brande
Meet the team


Polly Jeffcoat

Special Educational Needs (SEN) support

Polly is from the UK and graduated from Birmingham University with a Batchelor of Philosophy, focused on young people and community.

Working with teenagers for 20 years in a variety of settings from supporting Members of the UK Youth Parliament (MYP’s) or being an advocate for young offenders in custody to working with young parents in deprived inner-city environments it has been a huge adventure.

She did venture into the capitalist world of retail and opened a hat shop but was soon drawn back into working with teenagers as a Duke of Edinburgh coordinator, even attending a garden party at the palace, where it rained all day!

Polly did open another business but this time it was a social enterprise, working with young adults to learn life skills through the upcycling of furniture, an amazing project blighted only by government funding.

As a final role in the UK Polly was a foster carer along with her husband for 3 years and this was the most demanding career challenge and the most rewarding personally.

During her career Polly has undergone substantial training around children and young adults and their needs and the policy and directives that inform the roles performed.

Having lived in Denmark for a short while, she and her husband have bought a house and intend to stay here for the duration to give their full attention to their grandchildren of which they currently have 3 as their own children are both here in Denmark too.

“Working at ISIB is a privilege and I enjoy working with the inspiring children and staff team here, I am really enjoying my role and hope that I can be a part of enabling the students to reach their full potential”

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