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No school - screen time and conflicts

As we move toward a period of bank holidays and breaks its important to consider what our children will be doing during their time off. Many will want to be on their phones, computers and games, the research shows quite clearly that limiting phone use is beneficial for the majority of children. So here are a few useful

tips that may help reduce the sreen time and reduce any conflicts.

Implement screen-free zones and times in your house. Keeping some rooms and times of the day free of digital distractions can promote family bonding and other activities. Example: Don’t allow phones at the dinner table and don’t allow the children to take them to their bedrooms.

Learn to use parental controls. You can do this on a device’s built-in controls or through monitoring apps. Check Google for how to adjust access timings on phones

Consider developmentally appropriate technology use. For example, the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry recommends all screen time for 2-year-olds and under to be exclusively educational. As kids grow, offer limited screens for designated free time, but avoid using them to calm tantrums or as night time distractions.

Know what your child is doing. Use their media interests to have conversations about online privacy and safety. Check and ask them to show you what they are looking at

Teach coping strategies. Especially if your child uses social media, it’s important to equip them with skills for recognizing negative feedback, bullying, and feelings of anxiety or depression. You could use any ideas they have for discussions on fake or false news and why people write these things.

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