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Be safe - also digitally

Digital security is becoming a big issue on a global basis. Phishing is where personal details are gained by scam attacks usually through emails and messages and then used to try to gain access to further sensitive information. Recently some major companies have been attacked and personal information hacked and taken. This can then lead to emails which are specifically targeted against individuals or groups.

An example might be whilst searching for a holiday suddenly you receive an email offering a wonderful break away at amazing prices all you have to do is put in your information or click on a link.

One way to check is to see where the email came from, is it a reputable company and a real email address!! Once you click on the offered link further malware (bad software) can be downloaded onto your machine or phone and searches for bank information or other material.

Always check the spelling and content of any emails, today AI and ChatAI are being used ot make messages look more real so we need to be more aware than before. If you suspect something don’t click on it or open it.

Be safe and be digitally aware.

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