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Guiding children.

It’s a contentious topic but fireworks are raising many issues in Denmark, the New Year saw an increase in the number of serious accidents with over a quarter of all casualties being children under 15 years of age. Fireworks are of course interesting and exciting for children but the challenge is teaching them how they can be used safely. Current surveys are showing that most Danes want them banned and that the excessive use is detrimental to the environment.

This blog isn’t really about fireworks its about the challenges we face as parents, social media, alcohol, substance abuse are all part of our lives and its about how we guide our children through the minefield when we don’t often understand their obsession with things like TikTok or Snapchat. As a parent I also face these challenges and the introduction of social education, debating and thinking skills mean we can help the students learn about such issues, debate them and make informed choices. We cant avoid these issues or hide them away so we must face them head on with knowledge and understanding.

When it gets quiet outside and the random firework explosions finally stops - have a look at this research paper on social media and teens.

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