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International School Ikast-Brande
Leadership blog

International Schools - so many and yet so little knowledge about them.

People who visit our school, such as the local Rotary clubs other local schools and business forums , are often unaware of what an International school offers and why it differs to local schools. If you know of or are a memeber of any local clubs or societies that would like to know about us by all means contact them and we can offer an evening of coffee and information.

By presenting an overview presentation and question and answer session we can elaborate on what we do here and open our school to other groups to spread the word.

Although international schools are common worldwide unless you have a reason or preference many local people simply don’t take an interest.

However, International school are a growth area and in the last 10 years have increased by over 52% Worldwide. (ISC research) Usually it’s because parents are unhappy with local systems or want an education that travels with them and the International schools offer that. Today over 6.5 million children worldwide attend International schools and the main reason given is a better curriculum at 83% agreement.

ISIB is at the top of Internationals schools academic ratings and once again we have been inspected by the Danish authorities giving only positive feedback.

We are so happy to have you as part of our local - global community .

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