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It’s here and it’s moving forward all the time!! What is it?

It’s AI or Artificial intelligence, it affects us all from our smart phones to our SIRI or ALEXA modules.

The latest ChatGPT 4 has issues and makes mistakes but cannot be detected by modern plagiarism methods so how will it affect us?

The obvious one for a school is simply homework, it will be almost impossible to soon know what is made on an AI system to what is thought about by the human mind.

AI is designing a machine to mimic the human intelligence, so when it does it well who can see the difference? However, it can’t think as we do but simply work on its inputs and outputs, there lies the problem, what is real and what is false?

Before we start using AI things to know are that almost all AI is not designed for children, it could pull in indecent material. It is only as good as its input and its everywhere around us.

Children need to be safe online so here is a link for parents and children about being safe with lots of questions and answers and support for parents.

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